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Question on immersion points

Hi Duolingo,

sorry if the question was already asked; I didn't find it.

If I get it right when translating from XXX to YYY in Immersion you collect points for XXX (in the YYY interface). My question is, if I'm not learning XXX from YYY (interface) where do my points go?

Maybe an example will be clearer. I'm studying here Spanish from English (waiting for Spanish from French) and English from French (and also French from English, because at the time the previous one didn't exist and to help making the French from English course better).

In Immersion,
- when translating from French to English, I won skill points for French (in English interface),
- when translating from English to French, I won skill points for English (in French interface),
- when translating from Spanish to English, I won skill points for Spanish (in English interface),
- but when translating from English to Spanish, where do my points go since I'm not working the English tree (etc.) under Spanish interface?

And a linked and more general idea: couldn't we choose were we want the points to go (to the 'from' or the 'to' language)?

EDIT: Answer to my first question "when translating from English to Spanish, where do my points go since I'm not working the English tree (etc.) under Spanish interface?".

The skill points for one language are put all together whatever interface you're learning it from.

October 11, 2013



I have a question about your question: how do you get to translate from english to spanish if you don't have active the {english from spanish} interface? I don't know the answer to your question, but from my experience I guess the points are attached to the language you are learning independent of the interface, so when you translate from English to Spanish, the points go to the English language stack.


Because I have uploaded English Wikipedia articles for translation into Spanish (and into French).

Yes, indeed, I since learned that points are going to the language you're translating from (no reference to the interface).
But my suggestion still holds: couldn't we choose if we want the points to go to the language we're translating from OR we're translating to? I would like it.

I translate from English to French to practice my understanding of English and from French to English to practice my writing/expression in English. So I would find it great that in both cases the points would go to English since in both cases I'm working my English, not my (native language) French.

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