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  5. "Цей бутерброд з майонезом?"

"Цей бутерброд з майонезом?"

Translation:Is this sandwich with mayonnaise?

July 7, 2015



Is the audio ok? Does not sound like a question at all.


Yes, you're right, it sounds like a statement, probably some mistake.


Update: now contributors can record their own audio for wrong or missing audios!! I'll get a better microphone from somewhere and fix it (my current one has really bad quality, I have made some recordings already but they are quite noisy).


These type of questions should allow for "does this sandwich have mayonnaise?"


It does allow that I just said that and it accepted it


Never heard of 'бутерброд' for a 'sandwich'. (Sounds German to me.) We've always used the word 'канапка' for 'sandwich'. Where did the term ' бутерброди originate from?


Канапка модне слівце:)



Exactly :) the french word is "canapé", which we still use in these both meanings, although the "диван" meaning is the most common one. Like, someone inviting you to sleep at her/his house would gently precise that you will sleep on the "canapé" if he/she does not have another bed. So, don't expect to find mayonnaise on it, and if you do, no, that is not normal.

To finish with this, the word "canapé" on its sandwich meaning, refers to a particular one, close to the "tartine" or "toast": usually a small piece of support (soft bread, feuillettee, cuncumber...) with something slightly expensive on it. I suppose it was popularized through the royal court (with all their taste for special dishes, and, overall, special words). Some recipes that you'll typically find on people magazines ^^ Here is a french canapé: http://www.pretarecevoir.com/boutique/712-1035-large/canapes-tout-saumon.jpg And here is normally a sandwich for a french: http://i0.wp.com/www.marketfood.ma/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/sandwich-jambon-dinde.png?fit=700%2C400


I'm a native speaker from Lviv and have heard both used


'Бутерброд' originates in German 'das Butterbrot' (meaning a sandwich).


Very interesting comments from you on the Ukrainian words that you use. Are you a Ukrainian speaker in Ukraine or somewhere else, like Canada or Brazil?


Is this A sandwich should also be accepted IMO.


I think that would be "Це бутерброд з майонезом?", with Це instead of Цей.


The question is: is THIS SANDWICH...= цей бутерброд...

But if the question was: is this A sandwich... = це бутерброд


After reading further comments, u are right, it can be "це", but it will have another meaning...not the one they have used.

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