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Add "practice not recently seen" words (in addition to practice weakest words)

First of all I know this, or something similar has been proposed before.

For example: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/91242 http://www.duolingo.com/comment/643608

It just seems that it may be relatively easy to add, given that the numbers ("last seen") are already stored by Duo, and the structure of "practice weakest words" could maybe be adapted for this.

Though I think the reoccurring problems with word strength have been fixed by now I think this would spice things up a little.

I know that I can in theory practice these words separately, but that is a bit inconvenient with a lot of words and two languages.

Anyways, I assume the team is busy with the incubator right now, but I thought I bring this one up again, just to make sure it stays on the table.

October 11, 2013



I agree the algorithm for picking words to practice needs a little work. While none of my words are weak, it seems to default to a few nouns to use as examples. I see "apple" come up in nearly every set, but for many other words I rarely see them.


I had actually come here today to make basically the same comment. I get the same set of questions almost every time I use the default practice button. In order to really practice I find it necessary to click through all of the old lessons. I'm then getting a lot of words I only saw once several weeks ago that way.

Another solution might be to make the word strength decrease more quickly, especially words that were only practiced once or twice.


Hi, I just stumbled across this site. I've been learning with babbel.com and I quite like it. The training algorythm there seems to make sense. Also the method of teaching new vocabulary and grammar rules seems a little clearer. In all fairness, though: I think babbel is around a little longer, and they had serious isues with their data base earlier too.


also, as far as I know it is not for free right? I think the problems with the algorithm here are sorted by now. Anyways. I am just in love with Duo <3


I feel that the way Duolingo handles whether we know vocabulary is its weakest point. It's really not that easy to get meaningful practice on the words we don't know or tend to miss, especially since it marks them as "fresh" even if I've messed the word up.

It'd also be a big help if they'd at least display something showing things like when I last did any particular lesson and what my highest ever score for a particular lesson was. You can go back and practice old lessons, but it's tough to tell which ones are the best targets for practice at a glance.

After a while, I started hitting a point where further progression was extremely difficult because I'd accumulated a number of words I didn't know and the site wasn't doing a good job of helping me to identify which ones were the problem, let alone with fixing the problem.

Starting to use a couple of other products to reinforce vocabulary practice has helped quite a bit, but if they want the site to stand alone well as a teaching tool, it needs work. It seems like the underlying software doesn't have a good understanding of what specific words I know and what I don't.


I agree this would be nice to have but there is http://www.duolingo.com/vocab and it can be sorted by last practiced.

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