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"Pull more than the other team, and you will win."

Translation:Tiru pli ol la alia teamo, kaj vi gajnos.

July 7, 2015



You are right. Venki is a transitive verb. It has got a more absolute meaning than gajni. Therefore the intransitive verb venkiĝi means just the opposite: to be defeated.

gajni – to win, to earn

malgajni – to lose

venki – to defeat, to prevail, to be victorious

venkiĝi – to be defeated

malvenki – to go under


Oh, of course. I should have seen that as to "venkigxi". Hah.


According to Wikipedia, "tug-of-war" is called ŝnurtira lukto, ŝnurtiro, ŝnuregtirado: https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%9Cnurtira_lukto


I've never seen a word in Eo beginning with ŝn. I looked it up, and ŝnur/o (rope) and it's derivations seem to be the only ones!


I reckon "venkiĝos" ought to be accepted here. Or at least, that makes sense to me as venki is generally a transitive verb.

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Why is it the imperative form, tiru? It is not a command, but a statement of fact.


Venkiĝi montriĝas kiel akceptata, malgraŭ havi la malan signifon?? Kio okazis al Duolingo dum la lasta nokto :<


7 months after the last comment "venkiĝos" is still accepted as a translation of its opposite "will win" and "venkos" is refused.

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