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No longer receiving DL e-mails.

For months, I was getting e-mails and notifications regarding discussions I was following. Suddenly, they have stopped. Also, I can no longer communicate with other DL users as I once could. Anyone know what might have happened or how I might get reconnected? I miss being part of the community.

July 7, 2015



Go into settings - notifications. You can check to see your current e-mail notification settings.


It could be the result of a change to your spam filter settings, or those of your internet provider, but not necessarily. You're definitely not the first person this has happened to.


Yeah, this happened to me like 2, 3 months ago. I solved it by changing my email adress - all the notifications go there now. The only problem is, that the emails are now going to a different email adress than where I have the majority of my communication...


It happened to me for a few months. All my settings were fine and it didn't end up in my e-mail's spam folder. I had to write twice to Duolingo support for them to fix it.

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