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  5. "Evin rengi kırmızı."

"Evin rengi kırmızı."

Translation:The color of the house is red.

July 7, 2015



I translated it as "your house is red"? What mistake have I made please?


You didn't do a direct translation of the sentence above. Your sentence would be "Evin kırmızı."


The problem is that "The color of the house is red" or "The house's color is red" is not idiomatic English. I really think this is a bad question.


Sure it is, or at least in my English (which I have been speaking my entire life) :) "What's the color of the house?" "The color of the house is red." It may not be the most common way of saying this, but it doesn't make it unidiomatic or ungrammatical.

This questions exists to teach you the consonant mutation in "renk."


Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree then. If you told me "The color of the house is red," I would assume you weren't a native English speaker, or at least think it was an odd way to get your point across. I know that the question serves a useful purpose in terms of Turkish, but they could easily find an example that translates better to English, or just allow "The house is red" as an idiomatic translation.


"The house is red coloured" "The house is coloured red" "The colour of the house is red" - I get it, it's an effin' red house!


Can someone please explain to me why "Your house's color is red" is incorrect? I thought that if "evin" means "your house", this translation should be correct.


Could someone explain why it is evin?


In "Evin rengi" ev is the possessor and renk is the possessed thing, in Turkish both get a suffix

This is explained in tips and notes https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Possessives


I am a Turk. but I do not understand the listening practice. Always. wrong, says

But, I love duolingo. THANKS :D


"Evin rengi kırmızı." Translation: The color of the house is red.

Duo did not accept this answer as correct: The house colour is red.

Puzzled by the word order not being accepted?

EDITED 04/08/2020 Duo accepted "the houses colour is red."


I translated it as The house color is red but my answer was wrong; I do not know why


I am really enjoying this excellent Turkish course. Congratulations to the team that designed and programmed it!


Which "the" are you referring to? :) There are two in this sentence.


My answer is "The color of your house is red" and it is incorrect. My answer should be acceptable.


Would "your house" be "Evinin"?


Would "your house" be "Evinin"?

Good morning simone

& Evet - yes it does.

(Birinin evinin/odasının - vb) camını kırmak - break someone's window.

Evinin kapısı misafirlerine her zaman açık olmak - keep open house for guests.

Thank you.


The house is the color red....could explain why it is incorrect..thanks


Why cant it be rengi evin kirmizi?

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