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"When you were young, you used to love reading books."

Translation:Sen gençken kitap okumayı severdin.

July 7, 2015



Why is it okumayı ? Is it because the action of reading is the direct object of loving?


Still scratching head about which form of the gerund to choose. The information page before the "gerunds" skill gives the impression that both forms are pretty much interchangeable, whereas doing the exercises indicates that they are not.

Here are the conclusions this student has reached by trial and error, please correct him if he is wrong:

The gerund "okumak" works when "reading" takes the role of the subject in the nominative. (By the way, can't recall seeing case endings attached to gerunds ending in -mak/mek, değil mi?)

The gerund "okuma," that can take case endings, is used when "reading" is the object of a verb (or perhaps more precisely in the accusative case). Would it be safe to assume that would be the situation with other cases as well? One more thing: If "reading" needed to be in the nominative case, are "okumak" and "okuma" safely interchangeable?


I think I read somewhere that the infinitive form (-mak, -mek) - when acting as a verbal noun - used to be able to take case endings in Ottoman Turkish, but in new Turkish, the practice is no longer accepted. A native speaker please correct me if I got it wrong. BTW I also find it tricky choosing whether to use the infinitive form or the shorter gerund....


Why is it severdin and not sevdin?


"Sevdin." = "You loved." - "Severdin." = "You used to love.". "Severdin" means that you don't love it anymore.


"used to love", not 'loved'


Should we always use the singular form "kitap" in such cases?


Çok teşekkür ederim! I just wanted to ask, is this explanation only avaliable for desktop users? What about mobiles?


Just wanted to say, how i get around this with mobile now is bookmarking these links add i come across them in these lessons :-)


PLEASE HELP!!! Why in this sentence we didn't say okuyor instead of okumayı? I am really confused when to use each of them


Okuyor is a verb for third sing person in present cont tense

İn this sentence the verb is love not read, reading is the object of love (okumak), but should be in accusative case (okumayı) so okumayı severdin , >>>you used to love reading

Does this help


Why is "kitap okumasını" wrong?


Hello Agute0

Why is "kitap okumasını" wrong? --> reading "the" books.

kitap okumayı --> reading books.

You have an accusative case suffix --> -sı + (n) + - ı

Kitap is an indefinite, direct object.

Thank you.

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