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  5. "Bize bir ambulans lazım."

"Bize bir ambulans lazım."

Translation:We need an ambulance.

July 7, 2015



This is this "fun" change in suffix isn't it? I guess it means "to come to us" rather than just writing "Bizim/Bizim için"?


I don't know why you think anything in this sentence means "to come to us". Literally it is "to us- an ambulance-necessary"

using bizim or bizim icin is not possible


My reasoning was, in my limited Turkish, that to have a suffix on ben, sen, biz.. implies a verb follows, but doesn't here.


It is a way of expressing need in Turkish. Bize bir ambulans lazim. Bana bir kalem gerek.

Bir Turkce sozluge ihtiyacim var. - Here what is needed takes the dative case and 'ihtiyac' forms a genitive construction 'benim ihtiyacim'

Also, personal pronouns have locative case when expressing possession. Ex. Bizde araba var.


Great answer. Thanks.


My phone's Turkish keyboard wants to autocorrect "lazım" to "lâzım." Just out of curiosity, is there a reason for the circumflex there/does it change the sound or meaning somehow?


It is a long vowel, as the word is borrowed from Arabic لازم But the accent is no longer necessary and isn't commonly used nowadays


Just with this sentence I rememberd that gerekmek needs the dative (and apaprently lazım does the same). But in the Aorist-skill there are plenty of sentences without a word with the dative suffix. For example: We need to have fun tonight! - Bu gece eğlenmemiz gerekiyor! Is there a rule for it or what am I missing?


The rule is the same: the sentence has a subject plus sometimes the person for whom something is necessary. In your last example, you only have the subject, which is "our having fun": "tonight our having fun is necessary" - that's why there's no need for a dative.


Thanks. That's a good explanation.


How would you say: "We will need an ambulance"?


"Bize bir ambulans lazım olacak.",


"Bize bir ambulans gerekecek."


I wrote "lâzım" and it got flagged as a typo. Is the circumflex really obsolete?


I have not seen it commonly used in any publications in Turkish since I have started learning. It exists in older things, but it really has fallen out of use.


it is not commonly used anymore.but sorry for the typo message, it is correct. I had told the developers to accept the circumflex without a typo message ages ago :/


@adriano so if we removed bize from the sentence i should say bir ambulansa lazım ? İs my understanding correct?


No, that would mean "It is necessary for an ambulance" (a siren, for example).

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