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How long will it take to have a decent command in Turkish?

Hi all,

I have completed almost 2/3 ( 66% or more ) of the Turkish tree in about 2 months. If I practice a bit daily, I may complete the Turkish tree in about a month or more.

How much more and how often should I revise to "master" what I have learnt in Duolingo ?

When will I get a decent fluency using the knowledge and content which I have learnt over here ? Will it take 6 more months of constant practice or more?

Thanks, Nikhil

July 7, 2015



At some point try to find people to talk to; I had a German friend who stayed in Turkey for an exhange semester for 6 months (she had lectures in English all day) but she worked hard and talked to people whenever she could; and now she is fluent in Turkish. It is all up to you


I also started two months ago, and will soon complete the tree, probably in the next couple of days.

I'm afraid if you solely rely on Duolingo, it'll take you a very long time, if ever, to reach a decent level of fluency.

I have benefited a lot from listening to Turkish songs and watching soaps, possible even more, dare I say, than what I learned on the site, as the lessons we're taught here only serve as a framework that puts us on the path towards fluency in any language we may choose to learn, meaning that it's not only exclusive to Turkish.

Just thought I'd share my two cents, hope this helps.


What kind of soaps do you watch? I've had issues finding some! Thanks!!


It's called Kara Para Aşk (Literally Black Money Love, but Kara Para also means money laundering, which is what the show is about). It's very cheesy, as all soaps are, but it makes for good practice. :)

Here's a link to the first episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jAhlnkGeSw


Turkey is the most country talented in soaps and seriess' which is dizi in turkish. I recommend watching a lot of soaps and learning from the language they speak and then do the rest in duolingo .this will help you so much to half fluent the language! And speak very nice, If you are really interested in the language and in the series story i guarantee you will do the best. Top rating soaps in turkish are: Ask Yeniden/ Medcezir/ Kiralik Ask/ Kiraz Mevsimi/

Acil Ask Aranyior/ Gunesi Beklerken/ These are all Comedy/Romance they are awesome! I 100% suggest.

If you are more into Action/Drama/Romance Poyraz Karayel (TOP)/ Kara Para Ask/ Seref Meslisi/

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