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Duolingo's iOS7 Update - Awesome!!! But a few suggestions

With the release of the Apple iOS7 software, Duolingo has not held back in updating the app, to match the standards of iOS7. The app is awesome, with a whole new face, and other cool features. But as somebody created the discussion 'Duolingo App' yesterday, the app doesn't have access to the same things as the net. For example, we can't create or view discussions on the app, the store and the amount of lingots we have are hidden, and we also can't access the Immersion window. It would be wonderful if Duolingo would add the same features as the net on the app itself. I feel that Duolingo is the best app, but a few additions will make it even better.

October 12, 2013



Yeah I agree with you.. Love the updated version.. But a few amends and it will become the best..


I haven't updated to the new version yet because you cannot practice golden skills (so I have heard). I would like that to be added as well! I keep all my skills golden, but sometimes I feel I have not seen a particular kind of lessen for a while and would like to repeat it.


You still can practice golden skills . That feature's not removed


Here a couple of people say it is (can't practice skill when at full strength). Has this maybe been fixed recently?



Oh yes, you can't do that. Sorry, I misunderstood your reply. Yes, it'd be good if they could add that feature too.

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