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  5. "Ви вже прочитали це?"

"Ви вже прочитали це?"

Translation:Have you read this yet?

July 7, 2015



Are there any plans to have an additional lesson for the past perfective? I think it's a bit unreasonable for people not to be able to recognize прочитати when they don't know what it is and haven't seen it before.


I would think that at least some Tips & Notes on verbal aspect would be warranted.


А причем тут yet к уже? Если это означает еще, и скорее всего относится к действиям, которые еще не совершились. Неудачный пример и как по мне ошибка в словах при выборе.


Would it also be прочитали if ви referred to second person singular, female, formal?


Yes, formal is always the same as plural. It doesn't matter if it's singular or plural, feminine or masculine


Thanks! I just asked and that is true for verbs, but people do not always use plural for adjectives. For instance, "ви голодна" and "ви голодні" are both used when speaking to a single person.


It's true that you hear that, but grammatically speaking, it has to be ви голодні. There are no exceptions; they must agree.


"Have you ready everything already" should be correct.


My answer shouldn't be accepted: "Ви вже прочитали все"

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