"Senin için Türkiye'den İtalya'ya yürüyebilirim."

Translation:For you, I could walk from Turkey to Italy.

July 7, 2015

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i can walk for you from Turkey to Italy why this answer is not correct................?


Does anyone else see a connection between the sentence above and another one from the "Nations" skill halfway up the Turkish tree?

Türk kızları İtalyan erkeklerini neden çok seviyor?

These and other examples have encouraged this student to conjecture that the creators of DL courses fashion their exercise sentences originally in groups that look at first like microfictions or short dialogues before they are fed to the computer, broken up, and distributed among the several skills.

For example we might have here a little story that starts with the issue of young Turkish women liking the Italian guys a lot, then the scene shifts with one of the poor smitten things ready to hike many miles of unfriendly territory to be with her man.

To gather evidence for this hypothesis, this writer hopes to identify similar stories scattered in DL courses; and if there's enough material and time, perhaps, God willing, he'll post a thread dedicated to this issue for discussion.


Is this how duolingo will be romantic?


From Which romantic movie's line is this??


I can walk from Turkey to Italy for you, accepted.


In English we would say:

I would walk from Turkey to Italy for you.

Or "could" which superficially is closer to the original but loses its immediacy.

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