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Does the "offensive content" filter for articles really work?

Hi, I am learning Italian and therefore translating quite a lot of pieces from the well-known newspaper "la Repubblica". However, a simple article about Facebook status updates I couldn't upload because of the statement by Duolingo "The document may contain offensive content." although this seems very unlikely and the 'may' is just blocking the whole upload. Anyone encountered this issue before? Stijn

PS: the article that didn't seem to pass Duolingo's filter http://www.repubblica.it/tecnologia/2013/09/28/news/facebook_personalit-67450705/

October 12, 2013



This shouldn't be uploaded anyway as it's copyrighted.


Sometimes the filter gets triggered for a word that is acceptable. Best to report them to us when you can, and we can take a closer look. Thanks, Stijn_Konijn!


Same problems with some Wikipedia pages... Each time I encounter one, I report it to Duolingo.


I've had that experience as well.


OK, thx, then at least I'm not the only one :)

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