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"The crab comes here to the restaurant."

Translation:Krabben kommer hit til restauranten.

July 7, 2015



Bruk av "hit" i forhold til den engelske setningen er uklart. Det ser ut som man også kan bruke "her"


See the tips and notes. You use "hit" when the subject is in motion.


We don't explicitly know that the crab is in motion though, do we?

"The crab comes here to the restaurant" could just as well mean that the crab regularly goes to that restaurant, not that it is necessarily moving towards the restaurant at this moment.


The problem probably lies in that you are talking about something beyond the verb (tense & aspect) while he is refering to something within the verb itself. You can do a 'motion' regularly as well as be doing a 'motion' at the moment, right? In addition, the idea might be easier to capture if you compare 'motion' verbs with 'non-motion' ones like 'stay'.


So does til mean both to and of?


Hvorfor er det "kommer", ikke "drar"?


Do you feel it now Mr. Krabs?

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