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  5. "Я даю вам один місяць."

"Я даю вам один місяць."

Translation:I am giving you one month.

July 7, 2015



You cannot just say "I give you one month." Especially in the case of time, we always use the continuous case with the verb, to give. "I am giving you one month"


I think you can say "I give you one month" if the context makes it clear what you're talking about. Examples: "I give you one month. Get my business into the black!" or "I love being a teacher, I'm going to be a teacher for the rest of my life!" "I give you one month."


Really? I cannot say "I give you one month to finish this job", it should be "I'm giving you one month to finish this job"? Never knew that, thanks...


I mean it in that you cannot JUST say this... It must always be in a more complex sentence such as your example. "I give you one month to finish" is perfectly acceptable or even "I give you one month to live"


I see, thank you guys!

"Вік живи — вік учись" (live for a century, learn for a century)


So someone just needs to explain what the Ukrainian inflection of the Ukrainian sentence is so we know which is, or if both are, correct. Does Я даю.... In this case mean literally that "I will give/am giving you a month with which to do something," or does it mean "I don't think you/something will last a month" ("I give you/it a month").


It can mean both as in English.


Thanks, so that answers the question of what should be accepted English translations.
"I give you one month" "I will give you one month" and "I'm giving you one month" are all acceptable, then.

However, I disagree that any one of the above sentences in English carries both meanings. "I will give" and "I'm giving" imply that a time limit is being given/set, whereas "i give..." implies that the speaker questions something/someones' ability to persist even a month.


"I will give..." would be "Я дам...."

"I give..." and "I am giving..." are both accepted.

It is clear that the meaning of "I will give..." and "I'm giving..." is the same, but the task is not only about the meaning, it is also about the grammatical forms.


Is M in vam really unstressed in audio?

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