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"The farmers have to research those machines."

Translation:La farmistoj devas esplori tiujn maŝinojn.

July 7, 2015



What is the difference between 'bienistoj' and 'farmistoj


I got the same problem like you. It seems that bieno refers to the land underneath a building (or a field), while farmo means, well, a farm (although it seems that the original definition asks for the land to be rent). I would be in favor of accepting bienisto here, although I’m not sure.

http://www.reta-vortaro.de/cgi-bin/sercxu.pl?sercxata=bieno&kadroj=1 http://www.reta-vortaro.de/cgi-bin/sercxu.pl?sercxata=farmo&kadroj=1

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