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  5. "We eat good apples."

"We eat good apples."

Translation:Ni manĝas bonajn pomojn.

July 8, 2015


[deactivated user]

    So somehow I still haven't figured out when to add an "n" at the end. Help please?


    You add n to adjectives and nouns that are the object of the sentence. But with the verb Esti you don't bother.

    [deactivated user]


      Vi is not an exception Ex: "Mi parolas al vin"


      You were right in saying that "vi" is not an exception, but unfortunately the example you gave is incorrect. After prepositions, you don't use the -n (except when there is the idea of motion towards, so "I run into the room" would be "Mi kuras en la ĉambron". ) A better example of vi not being an exception is "I hit you" which in Esperanto is "Mi batas vin".

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