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  5. "Is the book terrible?"

"Is the book terrible?"

Translation:Er boken forferdelig?

July 8, 2015



This word is hard! Forferdelig


Does anyone have a way to remember "forferdelig"? I cannot remember it for the life of me...


Just curious on this one: I notice that the adjective often goes before the noun in a statement, so in a question does it go after the noun? Trying to understand...


If this sentence was posed as a statement it would be "Boken er forferdelig." This is a typical predicative expression, and would describe "en forferdelig bok" (a terrible book). Now, when you pose a question, you would put the verb before the subject, just as in the original sentence. So it's not a case of putting the adjective after the noun, but putting the verb before the noun in this case.


Here, it's just like English, word for word.


Why we do not use "den boken" here, as we are talking about some specific book is bad, right?

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