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  5. "Is the book terrible?"

"Is the book terrible?"

Translation:Er boken forferdelig?

July 8, 2015



This word is hard! Forferdelig


Just curious on this one: I notice that the adjective often goes before the noun in a statement, so in a question does it go after the noun? Trying to understand...

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If this sentence was posed as a statement it would be "Boken er forferdelig." This is a typical predicative expression, and would describe "en forferdelig bok" (a terrible book). Now, when you pose a question, you would put the verb before the subject, just as in the original sentence. So it's not a case of putting the adjective after the noun, but putting the verb before the noun in this case.


Here, it's just like English, word for word.


Does anyone have a way to remember "forferdelig"? I cannot remember it for the life of me...

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