"Ŝi volas sendi leteron."

Translation:She wants to send a letter.

July 8, 2015

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Fast fingers. I accidentally translated leteron to the totally English word letero and pressed enter before I realized what I had done.


LOL, I've done that so many times, written half an answer in English, then half in Esperanto and it takes me a moment or two before I realise why the stupid computer is telling me I'm wrong when it was such an easy one.


...and since she changes you, she gets what she wants.


Does anyone else hear "vi" in this? "Sendi" comes out sounding like "sen vi"


Same remark. What I hear is "Ŝi volas fendi (or vendi) leteron".


I didn't get it in this one, but I have had a similar problem before and I put it down to me not being familiar with the sound and rhythm of the language?

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