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Could I swap from American English to UK English, please? Many thanks.

October 12, 2013


No, but if Duolingo teach (more) US English than UK English it also accepts UK English answers. If some answers, that you're sure to be correct in UK English, aren't accepted, report them (through the dedicated buttons) to Duolingo. You'll help bettering Duo.

You sadly can't do that. It's stuck on American English, like it's on South American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

None of those three languages have their original European counterparts here.

The Spanish course isn't for simply South American Spanish. It's based off of Latin American Spanish mostly.


I knew it wasn't Spanish from Spain and just assumed that 'South American Spanish' was an all-encompassing term for what is used in the South American countries.

Well, most Spanish speaking countries aren't in South America. When you say South America, you are leaving out all of Central America (Perhaps most importantly, Mexico), which is a part of North America, and the Caribbean, which is also a part of North America.

Thanks for correcting! (I suppose you can't respond to a certain amount of comments that far in).

Ya, it's weird. I hope they fix that one day.

@Zach1337: I imagine it's done on purpose. I see some reasons:
1/ Language question rarely need a so deep in answering discussion. After a depth of 3 or 4 all questions are solved generally. So it's not so annoying
2/ To avoid unfinishing/senseless discussion.
3/ As it goes more and more and the right with each level of answer, we would end with text of 2cm large but 1m long...

Hmm, ok. So Latin American Spanish includes a wide range of Spanish spoken in the Americas?

Ya, when people say Latin American Spanish, they mean the Spanish spoken here:

French here is French from France (not Qu├ębecois). ;)

That's why I didn't mention it ;)

So I (wrongly) took "None of the original, European counterparts are there." as a general (for all Duo's actual language) statement. ;)

I understand ;) I suppose in my head it applied to the languages I previous mentioned in the sentence above it.

I've cleared it up and sorry, not a native English speaker.

Me neither... ;)

7 years ... a billion dollar language app that doesn't support UK English ...

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