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  5. "Bir kaşık şeker yeterli."

"Bir kaşık şeker yeterli."

Translation:One spoon of sugar is enough.

July 8, 2015



And it makes the medicine go down!


Is there a difference between yeterince and yeterli ? Thanks!


Yes, the former is an adverb and the latter is an adjective :)


It is also an adjective :)


Is "Bir kaşik şeker yeter." also correct?


I thought yeter was the 3rd person singular aorist form of yetmek. The negative is yetmez, değil mi?


Why is it not "kaşık şekerli" o "kaşık şeker ile" ? It seems not to be a compund word. Is "cup of coffee, glass of tee, spoon of sugar" always expressed this way?


şekerli is an adjective. but here we must use a noun.

one spoon of sugar: bir kaşık şeker

one cup of tea: bir fincan kahve

a glass of tea: bir bardak çay

you can use şekerli in this sentence below:

bu çay çok şekerli (this tea is very sugary)


Thank you. I got it now


As a native english speaker from the USA this translation sounds awkward to my ears. I would say "A/One spoon full of sugar is enough"


Yes, spoonful is correct, rather than spoon full.


If it's a spoon of sugar why is there no genitive in this sentence (that I can recognise...)?


I believe it's because it's considered a measurement and that's how you say it in turkish... Not sure though


We don't use the english pattern here. 1 kaşık şeker: 1 spoon of sugar. If you use a genitive translation for this, you say "1 şekerin kaşığı" which means like "one sugar's spoon"...


Why not "one sugar spoon is enough"? What makes it spoon of sugar rather than sugar spoon (spoon used in the sugar)? Please and thanks


You've answered your own question, really. A "spoon of sugar" is a unit of measure, while a "sugar spoon" is an item of cutlery. If you asked for a "spoon of sugar", you would get an amount of sugar, but if you ask for a "sugar spoon" you will get a clean (empty) spoon, presumably for, serving yourself some sugar, stirring the tea/coffee, etc. To make it a little more complicated if you were asked how much sugar you wanted, you could answer "one spoon(ful) is enough" since it is already understood by both parties that sugar is the main topic. Hope this helps


I was looking for the difference in Turkish not English. How can I tell it means one not the other in Turkish?


Haha, my bad, sorry. Just guessing but wouldn't "one sugar spoon is enough" be "Bir şeker kaşığı yeterli", or am I still not catching your drift?


You're right. A sugar spoon (bir şeker kaşığı) : a object to add and stir sugar A spoon of sugar (bir kaşık şeker) : Sugar measured by one spoon


Technically, it should be "one spoonful of sugar..." We don't just say "one spoon" in English.

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