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  5. "Voi trovate il gatto."

"Voi trovate il gatto."

Translation:You find the cat.

October 12, 2013



We're still early on in our learning at this stage, so a lot of the "silly" sentences here are probably building blocks for later. For example, learning "if you find the cat, you'll be entitled to a million dollars," would probably be difficult to learn all at once if you didn't know how to say, "you find the cat."


I agree, it's about learning the verb as much as anything, it's scientifically proven you remember words better when you learn them in a sentence, doesn't have to be a useful sentence


Hi I think your write about that I purchased a children's book in Italian to see if I could read it and I found I have a long way to go and I am up to ( Adjectives 1 lesson 5) and I still can't read a book written for children LOL


Just to let you know, it's "you're [you are] right", not "your write". :)


anche io!!!! l'ho fatto il stesso. Io ho trovato il libro per ragazzi - Tarzan. Ma lo trovo molto difficile. Ha ha.
[(me too. I did the same. I found the story of Tarzan written for children. But I found it very difficult)

I try to include what I meant to say in case I've said something without any sense in Italian) :-) ]


Yes you are right! Is not silly at all, you can say I find the dog, you find the cat, besides if it doesn't make sense in English , it's fine we are learning Italian not English.


So to make learning more fun, my hubby and I made up amusing sentences with what we learn on Duolingo. Hope this helps in your e-learning on Duolingo too! Cheers! •●• Dov'è la balena? 

Quale balena?

La balena azzurra.

Troviamo la balena azzurra dorme sotto il letto.


Ben fatto, sei due geni


Is this a statement or what? Or is it "You found the cat"


It's a statement.


It's saying. "I don't know where it is. YOU find the cat. "


"Find" and "found" are different. In this section we're learning words in the present tense. I cant wait till it gets more complicated :D


No question mark, so it is a statement.


Was it in the sugar?


I think the imperative requires an exclamation mark, and the conditional may have a different conjugation altogether. I'm not sure, though. Still, could an admin/native speaker please help us understand this in (an English) context? For example, in another discussion, we were told that though "Io non trovo i miei pantaloni." makes perfect sense as-is in Italian, in English it would be better translated as "I cannot find my pants." even though the Italian sentence does not include the verb for "to be able to". However, to make it "Io non posso trovare..." would change the sentence in Italian to sound like you are unable (due to some constraint like time or injury, etc) to find your pants. Again, can we have an authority assist us please?


I think the former is casual while in the latter, its like you HAD to add that you just werent able to. I hope that helps


CAT!!!!!! where are you!!!!! Oh There you are!! Achievement: Voi trovate il gatto


trovare is also 'catch', so i do not see why 'you catch the cat' is wrong


What would "You found the cat" look like (instead of "You find the cat")?


Avete trovato il gatto, or Hai trovato il gatto.


why is "you are looking for the cat" wrong?


While there are some languages where the verb 'to look for' and the verb 'to find' are the same (Scottish Gaelic for one - lorg) Italian is not one of them.

You are looking for the cat would be "Voi cercate il gatto'


So can you use "trovare" to state an opinion like in english (and german by the way)? (f.e. I find, that this is really cute.)


I thought (Voi) meant more than one person so I can only guess the correct answer should be (you all find the cat)?


I always translate voi to y'all. So far it's always been accepted.


Isn't it to be "Cercate il gatto"? And shouldn't the question sound like "Search for the cat? For example, the sentence in the books I use to learn Italian is "Cerco, ma non trovo" - "I search, but don't find". And "Trovate il gatto" sounds like "You found the cat".


That is what I thought


ho trovato lavoro in germania..corret or not any italian friends


Would “They find the cat“ also be corretto?


So, you open the box and you find the cat and Schrodingers like "Noooooooooooo, you have ruined everything!" And you ask "Why do you have a dead cat in a box and what's that weird smell?" before you promptly drop dead.


i was looking at conjugation.. i noticed that "trovare" conjugates differently. e.g Lui trova, while a lot of verbs conjugate differently: i.e Decidere: Lui decide. Rendere: Lui rende. Volere: Lui vuole. Lavorare: Lui lavore. What is the rule? Why Lui trova?


There are exceptions, but there are three main endings in the infinitive form and they conjugate differently. By the way one of your examples was incorrect, lavorare goes to lui lavora




Here's a guide to how the standard conjugations go. http://italian.about.com/od/grammar/fl/Tables-of-Regular-Italian-Verb-Endings.htm

But basically -are goes to an -a ending for lei or lui whereas -ere endings go to -e ending for that.


chiaro :). grazie :)


I checked: a female cat is la gatta. I know we are not supposed to discuss mistakes here, but il gatto is 'the tomcat' in English.


right translation according to Duolingo is "Y'all find the cat". ❤❤❤!!!!


(In an evil voice) and you bring him to me


This would be so much easier if Duo was from (Northern) New Jersey. There they have a plural for you, which is "yous". Without that Regional speech element, "voi" and all the other plurals of you just don't make any sense in English.


that is what I put and duolingo said it was wrong


Trovate was NOT listed as an option!!!


I just do not get why sometimes I can translate using "are looking for" form and suddenly I cannot :(


This lesson is about the usage of verbs in present tense.

The sentence "You find the cat." is somewhat misleading - it implies imperative.

More correct is the alternative solution: "You (all) are (in the process of) finding the cat."

[deactivated user]

    It would help if you translate after these sentences also,


    Am I The Only One Confused As To When This Would Ever Be Used With Plural "You"?


    So why isn't "You all found the cat" a correct answer?


    Voi=you all/you guys Correct answer says only you which would be Tu hai


    Why wouldn't you just use the imperative structure for this sentence?


    Since "Voi" is basically implied in the conjugated verb, would it be safe to drop the Voi? Like for example, "Noi possiamo", can I just say " possiamo"? And same with other pronoun sections?


    "You all" should not be wrong, as it marks the plural...


    I thought that voi means you all.

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