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Duolingo Google+ Hangout Highlights


I feel it would be unfair to post them here as seppo0010 did the translation work.

October 12, 2013


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Thanks for posting!


This is awesome! Glad you shared this reddit thread, Zach1337. :)


Usually the Duolingo subreddit is slightly behind on Duolingo news, but this time they weren't.

Maybe you can convince Luis to do another Reddit AMA in the future?:) Both of his previous ones were well received.

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mmm wondering what the third comment "The first version of a course takes 3 months to be developed by a single person. It is best suited for 5-8 persons." means with regards to our applications. Hopefully they will not limit them to 5-8 ppl per language, otherwise my changes for German-->English are grim :) But I guess no point in speculating, especially as I did not hear the original interview, so context might be missing. I will find out soon enough.


I think they'd be more likely to limit the moderators to 5-8 people. Any more than that would complicate decisions. As many contributors as possible to make suggestions and create alternate answers seems like a good thing.

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