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Duolingo Google+ Hangout Highlights


I feel it would be unfair to post them here as seppo0010 did the translation work.

October 12, 2013



Thanks for posting!


This is awesome! Glad you shared this reddit thread, Zach1337. :)


Usually the Duolingo subreddit is slightly behind on Duolingo news, but this time they weren't.

Maybe you can convince Luis to do another Reddit AMA in the future?:) Both of his previous ones were well received.


mmm wondering what the third comment "The first version of a course takes 3 months to be developed by a single person. It is best suited for 5-8 persons." means with regards to our applications. Hopefully they will not limit them to 5-8 ppl per language, otherwise my changes for German-->English are grim :) But I guess no point in speculating, especially as I did not hear the original interview, so context might be missing. I will find out soon enough.


I think they'd be more likely to limit the moderators to 5-8 people. Any more than that would complicate decisions. As many contributors as possible to make suggestions and create alternate answers seems like a good thing.


Oh that could be it! That would be a lot better :)

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