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Can the Doulingo team make it allowed to learn English from English.

I saw a post from a non native english speaker that he wanted a course in English to English, to explain all the.grammar

October 12, 2013



Duolingo works through translation, so English:English wouldn't quite work.


Hello Kristine. I tried to explain how it would be feasible in this thread: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/939836$comment_id=941131


I can´t imagine very well how would it work, but i need something like that. I´m not a native eng speaker and would really appreciate that :). Not bad idea.


In a sense if you need to improve your grammar it'll be useful especially with writing essays, etc. However, because this is a translation site that would kind of defeat the objective. I'm sure you could learn the grammar of English through another language though you'd ju

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