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  5. "Що є в парку?"

"Що є в парку?"

Translation:What is there in the park?

July 8, 2015



In this context, at or in can be used, for example:

"What is at the park?" - There is a festival at the park - There is a concert in the park


Yes I think "at" is even better, not emphasizing that it's really in the park, just, well, there, at the park :) In Ukrainian both will be "в" though, we don't have "at", it's either "on" or "in" for most of the things...


In the Russian course, a sentence was "There's a bear in the park!" So from what I've learned, if I needed to warn a Ukrainian not to go there I'd say "Не ідіть туди!"


Правильно! :)

Не ідіть туди, там ведмідь!

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