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I am English, I need to select English as target language in duolingo for schools

Because my profile is in English I cannot select English as the target language for my students.

July 8, 2015



Do you mean that you are an English speaker and want to learn English on Duolingo? There is no English for English speakers course, unfortunately:(


I am an English teacher to Spanish students. I need my platform to be in English but need the duolingo school system to be in Spanish for the students. Most English teachers in Spain are not Spanish, but we teach English to Spanish speakers.


I'm not teaching, but I played with the "dashboard" just to see what it does. I also thought it kind of odd that you have to change your own "native" language to be able to see the students who are learning from a different language. Logically, shouldn't you be able to see all regardless of what language they are learning from?

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