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Won't let me progress/ doesn't acknowledge when I've completed a lesson?

So for the last couple of weeks every time I try and do a lesson, when I get to the end after the last question it goes back to the start page, and says I haven't done the lesson yet, and there is no record of me doing it at all. Is anyone else having this problem? How do I fix it?

October 12, 2013



Hey thatgrace! What lesson are you doing (or is it all lessons) and are you on the web or using one of our apps?


it's all lessons, or at least the several I've tried in both French and German. I'm on the web and I've tried both Safari and google chrome.


Are you using a proxy or an otherwise non standard internet connection (satellite)? This may be happening because of that.


I am having the exact same problem! and with standard internet connection. How many times can I do a lesson over?

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