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"De kopierer en trettiende rapport."

Translation:They are copying a thirtieth report.

July 8, 2015



Shouldn´t this be "den trettiende rapport", meaning THE thirthieth report? If the report is the 30th, then everybody knows its THE report, and not just any 30th report...it just makes more sense to write it "den trettiende rapport"


I am not native english speaker , but I am certain that I have heard this kind of expression before. "We have only made 29 copies of the report by mistake. So now we are copying a 30th report."


I agree--I third it!


i am not a native English speaker. can someone explain, what this sentence mean? thanks :)


It implies that there have been 29 other reports before this one, which is the 30th one.

It might be used in a context like: The boss sent some people to photocopy a report, and they made 29 copies, but that wasn't quite enough, so the boss sent them back to the photocopier again and now "they are copying a thirtieth report".

It's a correct English construction, but not by any means common I don't think...! I'm a native speaker and I had to think to twice to understand it :)


Nice explanation. I agree, and I'm a native speaker too. They are definitely wasting paper, methinks!


ok, yeah it is weird. i thought it has maybe a special meaning. thanks :)


Has anyone listened to the slow version of the sentence. No way is rapport being pronounced. Phonetically it sounds like rakorst. Odd that.


Yes, I had the same experience...


You are right. I reported the problem.


I cannot for the life of me remember the difference between the 30th and the 13th :(


I had to find a way to remind myself about the difference as well :) I dont know if it will help, but I always think "tretti" is "three tens" (3 x 10 = 30). "Tretten" (13) has a closer ending to the english word "thirteen".

From there is easier to rememember "TRETTENde" and "TRETTIende".


Can kopierer also mean copy as in imitate?


But this sentence might be completly fine in English. But in Norwegian, we would probably say somthing like this instead: De hadde koppiert opp 29 raporter. Nå kopierer de opp den tredevte/trettiende.


a 31th would be "en trettiførste", but would a 32th really be a "trettiannen"?


31st (thirty-first), 32nd (thirty-second).

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