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  5. "Молоде населення"

"Молоде населення"

Translation:A young population

July 8, 2015



I have found that when translating phrases it is best to not use any articles. Empirically, in translations of sentences, there appears to be a bias against "the" in the lessons that I have seen. I haven't kept track, but that is my anecdotal observation. I just keep on reminding myself that beta is a beast (or something like that). ;)


How would you say: "A young population"


Ukrainian doesn't have the concepts of "a" and "the", so it's impossible to say it in Ukrainian :) It's possible to translate it to Ukrainian, but in that case it would be the same as "the young population" or "young population" - молоде населення.

It's like projecting a 3D thing on 2D, there's no concept of height, so it all becomes the same...


That's my point. "Molode naselennya" can be translated various ways in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and even in Esperanto. I see three ways: "young population" or " a young population" or "the young population" . This program only allows for the first option. That is a big mistake. That needs to be corrected. If Ukrainian Duolingo wants to graduate to something beyond Beta and have more students than Esperanto and Dutch then it needs to pull it socks up and provide more acceptable translations of its sentences into English where definite and indefinite articles can be used in English. Thank you for your attention to my question.


Of course it needs to be corrected. That's why we're here. This is beta. Some things were not accounted for or forgotten. We are here to notice them and report to speed up the development of this course into "alpha". So thank you for doing that, that's all I can say :) Can't sooth your frustration or promise that they will take care of it quickly.

Sorry, it wasn't clear for me from your comment that you were complaining about the lack of translation options, I thought maybe you don't know that we don't have articles and so on, didn't mean to offend you in any case :)


I agree, the people who write the program need to be consistent. I'm getting a little tired of getting this one wrong for including an article, but getting others wrong for omitting it.


Keep calm and lose hearts! xD Sorry, I know this is frustrating, but just brace yourself and swear under your breath. I'm a native speaker and I can't test out of some sections after trying for the third time because of these :D

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