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"Você disse que pararia de chover."

Translation:You said it would stop raining.

October 12, 2013



You said that the rain would stop is not an acceptable alternative?


I had that too, reporting it


That sentence is now accepted (28/10/2015). Thank you for your reports and suggestions.


In this tricky Portuguese language, does this always mean '... but it didn't!' at the end or could it just be praise for an accurate prediction?


Both hypotheses are equally valid until you have more information; think of it as the Schrödinger's cat of languages.


His cat was said to be, according to quantum theory, both alive and dead simultaneously, until the box was opened. I am not sure this analogy does justice to the trickiness of this language! Maybe if it could morph into some other creature, immune to radiation or poison?


Until you open it, you'll never know what mysteries may lie inside the box (Schrödinger's society wasn't as obsessed with zombies and kitties as our own, so he clearly didn't account for the imaginable possibilities in that scenario) :)

You could also see that open-endedness as a more philosophical and humanist choice between glasses half full and glasses half empty - you decide what context to fill between the lines, and that like tell more about you than about the sentence itself. All in all, thinking about Portuguese is just as complicated as thinking in Portuguese - I'm glad you're finding that more of a good challenge than a dreadful bore :P


Thanks for clarifying that the sentence has nothing to do with raining cats (and dogs).


Revisiting this point, perhaps the alternatives would be indicated by excess stress on either Você or disse as it might be in English: (blame game) "YOU said .." and (credit where it is due) "You SAID .."

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