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Need more English-French translation exercises!

Hi all! Is there a way to focus on the English to French translation exercises? I am given a few during the French course, but the focus is definitely on French-English translation. This is helpful while learning the vocabulary, but I'm finding that my comprehension skills are growing far faster than my writing/speaking ability, and I think it would be helpful if I could focus on the English to French translation exercises. Is there a way to focus on a specific type of exercise?

July 8, 2015



When you have gotten a little bit further in your tree, try the reverse tree, i.e. English for French speakers! That is what I'm doing with my German right now. That way you can catch a few more words into your vocabulary as well as completely new sentences. There you will also translate more into French. But keep in mind that the tree is built for those that already know French and you may come upon unfamiliar grammar.


Oh! Perfect! Thank you so much!

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