"They used to give me flowers in the spring."

Translation:Ellos me daban flores en la primavera.

3 years ago



Why are we using Soler here? - the Verb Soler - to be accustomed to? This I understand but have never actually used, as yet. However, even above they are still only using DAR and I got it wrong for not using SOLER !!

3 years ago


Perhaps there was another reason it was marked wrong?

3 years ago


What is wrong with acostumbraban?

3 years ago

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that meaning of the word is restricted to only a few dialects

10 months ago


Well, since posting re SOLER/DAR a week ago I am finding it heartening that so many verbs could be used in this context - of giving flowers in the Spring. I used DAR - me daban (even though my answer was marked wrong) but have learned two more verbs that I could have used, so I am very grateful for these discussions. Thank you everyone.

3 years ago


Good for you... instead of complaining like some others.

2 years ago


Why is the Duolingo computer so sad?

2 years ago


It just will not accept its own answer

6 months ago

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I think duo does a great job of accepting answers that are even close. The number of spelling errors it has accounted for me personally i think is awesome...i almost always use my phone app, so lots of errors. What duo does really well is to force people to get their correct tenses, pronouns and supporting verbs correct. But, you have an awesome daily streak going, so you already know this.

5 months ago
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