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  5. "Cén dath atá ar an díon?"

"Cén dath atá ar an díon?"

Translation:What color is the roof?

July 8, 2015



Would you use ar when asking after a house's color, as well? What about a car? Shoes? Hair? Eyes?

Flipside, would you say an díon dearg when speaking of a roof, or is that missing something?


Often, I can't hear the "n" in "an". This is the case here. When it is in a string of small words, followed by a "d" it seems silent. Is this typical?


Yes this one tricked me too, the audio makes it sound like "cén dath atá dion" can someone please explain?


She is saying "Cén dath atá ar an díon?" But she elides the "n" in "an", so it sounds like "Cén dath atá ar a díon?".

The "ar a" is quite clear between "atá" and "díon"


The "ar" is clear but the elided definite article isn't.


What is the roof color?


cad é dath an dín


I translate this in my head as What color is on the roof?


So did I. I wondered if i was doing this one on the computer instead of the app would i have been wrong with "on the roof"


What is the meaning of "atá" in this sentence. Why is there an "ar" in it?


atá is the relative particle a joined with . You can parse the sentence as "what is the colour that is on the roof?", where a is "that".

ar is the preposition that is used in Irish to associate a thing with its colour.

[deactivated user]

    Dath dearg atá ar an díon.


    Would what is the roof color be an equivalent answer?

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