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"Двадцять одне місто і двадцять одне село"

Translation:Twenty-one cities and twenty-one villages

July 8, 2015



why arent city misto and selo ending in a for plural?


A number of Slavic languages (Ukrainian is in the list) have more tricky way to form plural, than English. The general rule is: the ending of plural depends on the last digit in the number, so for any amount ended with "1" (except for 11), the noun shouldn't be in plural:

  • 1 city (village) — одне місто (село)
  • 21 cities (villages) — двадцять одне місто (село)
  • 101 cities (villages) — сто одне місто (село)

When an amount ends with 2, 3, 4 one of the form of plural (in this case, it's ending in -a, for other words it can be -и or -і) is used:

2 міста
3 села.
24 міста
54 села

And when an amount ends with 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, 11, another form is used:

5 міст
7 сіл
111 міст
0 сіл
10, 100, 1000 сіл (but 1001 село)


I actually figured that out when I went to numbers 2... Thanks anyway!


and twenty one pilots.


The program can not parse my word. The word "dvadtsyat’"


Yes, I agree. I've been doing well with all my pronunciations and I am so careful with this one and it just is convinced it doesn't hear it. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, but it's inconsistent, while I am saying the same thing. It's really frustrating.


My ukrainian-partner disagrees. Одне should mean "first" not "one".


No. I am a native. Одне is "one". "First" is перше.

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