The Test

I don't really get how to test works (the one in the store) how hard is it? and what is the point of it?

October 12, 2013

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You get a bunch of translation tasks similar to those in lessons, only they are taken from different skills throughout the tree. I don't know the exact number of those sentences (there is no counter and I didn't count either), but it is supposed to take about 20 minutes. I guess I managed it in about 10 minutes or even less because I typed quickly.

You don't get any feedback on whether your answers are correct but just move on and on. In the end you get a score up to 5.00 and a certificate. The record is made about your test under the leaderboard, you see the score and the date and there is a link to the certificate. Others don't see it.

That's all :-) There is no connection of this test with any of standard language tests.

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