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"Drengen er allerede gået i seng."

Translation:The boy has already gone to bed.

July 8, 2015



Why "went to bed" is not accepted?


The example sentence in present perfect tense, your sentence is in past tense. He went to bed is different from he has gone to bed.


I'm confused. How would one say "The boy is already gone to bed"? I thought that was the translation.


The sentence you gave is not grammatically correct in modern English. In many European languages, "to be" is used to form past tense, especially with verbs of motion. That's why you say "Jeg er kommet" and "Jeg er gået" even though you normally use "har" for past tense. This feature was lost in English in the 18th century, so we only use "have".


Is "Drengen har ellerede gået i seng" wrong? Is it necessary to use 'er' instead of har?

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