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"There is a wound in my mouth."

Translation:Ağzımda bir yara var.

July 8, 2015



ağzımın icinde bir yara var. Is this possible?


("Ağzımda bir yara var".) "There is a sore in my mouth".

Sore is more commonly used in English (for things like gum ailments or ulcers inside the mouth). In this context, wound would not likely be used, unless you are referring to an actual injury to the external part of your mouth.

Having a sore (as in a wound) as opposed to being sore (as in achey muscles).


Why is this 'agzimda' and not 'agizimda' - google translate, another online dictionary, and my Turkish fiancee have all told me that the nominative of mouth is 'agiz' - am I missing something?


Yep :) "ağız" is one of a handful of two-syllable words that looses their second vowel when you add a suffix that begins with a vowel to it. ağız/ağzı, şehir/şehri, gönül/gönlü, for example.

These just have to be memorized as they pop up :)


Yes, this correct, wound translates to yara not biçak in other question that i hace commented

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