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"Hun finner et hvitt pulver i huset."

Translation:She finds a white powder in the house.

July 8, 2015



O.o That escalated quickly


"Don't touch that! It's just uh.. icing sugar. Because I bake. Yep."


It's okay, it's milk


Honey, thats just baking soda.. I'll clean it up..


Hold on everybody, "Pulveret er melk", that's what they said.


It's for the bears! They always take it before stealing bikes!


Those bears are my uncles!


If it's an old house, it might be anthrax.


You're thinking of asbestos. Anthrax powder is white, but it's made from the spores of bacillus anthracis bacteria, generally found in livestock.


Asbestos is kind of green in its own right. Anthrax does come from corpses. Thus, if it's an old house, there might be a dead animal or person in it, who was once infested with b. Anthracis. Old grave robbers used to catch it from time to time rooting around in... well, graves.


Interesting, I had never heard of such a thing but it turns out it is sometimes found in houses. That's not the first place I would look for it, though :P


It can happen. Things that die of the bacteria, or at least partially have the bacteria, will allow it to fester to the point that it uses up all it can and then reverts to its dormant 'powder' state. This can happen in the walls of a building if a rat happens to catch it and dies inside. There's more than just big ugly spiders in old houses. :)


I always get "hvit/hvitt" wrong. How do you know which one to use?


"hvit" is for masculine and feminine nouns, "hvitt" is for neuter nouns, and "hvite" is for all plurals - regardless of grammatical gender.


bit annoying when the rest of the sentence is perfect and you leave out the 2nd T and get it wrong.


Not as annoying as failing a Norwegian test or losing out on a job because of sloppy language. :)


I think Duolingo must be more strict and not forgiving these typos. I've had cases where i put the noun in the incorrect form (like forgetting the extra t) and it was considered as a typo and therefore it accepted my answer. It would be better if Duolingo would not forgive this, forces people also to doublecheck more. Same goes for when I need to put a sentence in the correct order. You can always see what the first word needs to be, since it starts with a capital character. Would be better if all words are lowercase. Just my two cents.


Exactly! Sometimes I am lazy to identify the first word, and search for the word with the capital letter.


lmao are all the other courses as weird and referential as this one


Not quite, but they all have humorous sentences and at least a few references. The Norwegian team raised the bar. ;)


Would you call the police or the firemen for that one?

...and what'd be the plural of "pulver"?


Police! Open up!

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