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Hardest language to learn

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Has this been discussed before?

Since we have the Incubator now, I thought I'd post this - just stumbled on the article now:

Hardest language to learn (April 22, 2007): http://claritaslux.com/blog/the-hardest-language-to-learn/

There's a picture about halfway into the article, it says Polish is the hardest to learn. You can also find a mathematical formula. Have fun reading!

October 12, 2013



I'm Polish so I can't tell if its hard nor not, but from what I've seen in the Internet, most English natives around the age of 15 can write pretty well, as compared to poles who still look illiterate, so this part might be true. But obviously all such claims are very unscientific.

Same goes for the language difficulty, which is a personal thing, depending on a linguistic background. While Polish indeed might be a bit hard for English speakers, it's rather easy for other Slavs.


I assume this article is a clumsy, dragging satire of language comparison as the writer actually offers 'Openness of the society to communicate in their own language to a foreigner as opposed to English' as part of his theoretical measurement.


That... is a very unscientific article. You'd be best to ignore it. This at least claims to be backed by some empircal evidence: http://www.effectivelanguagelearning.com/language-guide/language-difficulty


This is relatively and depends on other languages you know. Polish would be surely easier to other Slavic people than Hungarian. And Polish doesn't have seven genders, this article is stupid. It has three ganders.


I agree, what*s hardest depends highly on what language you start from. If your target language has a whole dfferent grammar and/or system of phonemes than what you know it's surely more difficult than something closer.


Yeah, that's why I'm not afraid to give Polish a try.

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