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"Come with me to the southern coast of France!"

Translation:Venu kun mi al la suda marbordo de Francio!

July 8, 2015



Mi amas la sudo marbordo de Francio… <З


"la sudan marbordon"


Why does it have to be marbordo instead of bordo??


Tial la mediteranea maro ne estas lando, ĉu vere ?


Mi komprenas, ke ne ĉia bordo estas marbordo... sed ĉia marbordo... estas bordo! Ĉu ne?


instead of "al la suda" cant i just put "suden" because i was marked wrong


Not in this case, as marbordo de Francio needs an adjective, not an adverb denoting motion.

You could say: Venu kun mi suden.

Though not: Venu kun mi suden || marbordo de Francio As this sentence wouldn't be connected in any way.

So in this case it must be: Venu kun mi al la suda marbordo de Francio!


vikungen is right. However, although it doesn't work as a translation of the exercise, you could say "Venu kun mi suden al la marbordo de Francio" and it would be implied that you're going to the southern coast.

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