"Eu vou controlar a Europa."

Translation:I am going to control Europe.

October 12, 2013

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So is this what Hitler says in old Portuguese WWII movies?


I came here to say exactly that.


Maybe it's Napoleon.


Might be useful when playing Axis and Allies.


True that! Except Europe and Asia should always be your last plays. Too many avenues of attack and too many fronts to control.

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    Please, what on earth does this sentence mean ? Does it mean I'm going to check out Europe, i.e. I'm going to investigate for my cultural education ?? (controlar = check, verify in PT portuguese).


    It means I am going to control Europe, not check it out. Synonyms include "handle, bridle, or rein."

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      No. "Controlâr" in PT Portuguese can, and often, means to check and/or verify. Control does not have that meaning in English. In English the synonyms you give are exact.


      As a native portuguese speaker I can say that "controlar" usually means "to control", so the sentence should be read as "I am going to control Europe" as in conquering the continent. And actually it's not very common to use "controlar" as meaning "verify", and even when it is used the connotation is of control. When we want to say "verify" or "check" we use "verificar" and "checar".


      Looking in my English/Portuguese dictionary, controlâr means "to control." Maybe the usage you're thinking of is slang?


      At least that's how we use the word "controlar" here in Brazil, maybe in Portugal or in other portuguese speaking countries they use the word in different ways.


      I just can't stand when they use content that is nonsense rather than something that might be useful! I will never need to say this!


      You are never going to achieve wold domination with that attitude.


      So you will never play Risk or Axis and Allies with any lusophones, nor will you ever watch a Portuguese movie involving WWII or Napoleon?


      Why not "I will rule the Europe"? Is not the same thing?


      You don't need "the." Directly translated it is "the Europe" but it sounds awkward when you say the whole thing. There is probably a rule concerning why "the Europe" is incorrect but I don't know it.


      If you translate the sentence literally, it's right, but it's very weird. In other words, your portuguese is right but your english is awkward.


      Shit guys, Duolingo has become self aware

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