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"Han er i færd med at tænke over det."

Translation:He is thinking about it.

July 8, 2015



What does færd mean?


If he is in the process of thinking about it he is ready to think about it... what differentiation are you making of this?


It is kind of like "in the process of"


I put thinking over it which it didn't accept, but just for the record you actually can say that in English too, though thinking about it would be closer in meaning as thinking over something in English sometimes carries the connotation of considering it too.


'about' is not given as a solution here, but of and many others are. I guess about is the only fitting here, but it should at least be hinted :S


'About' is added as a hint now! Thanks for noticing :)


Thanks for adding :) !


Pronunciation question: when "med" is standalone, it is pronounced like 'mill' (but with a soft d). Here however, following færd ('fair'), it rhymes: it sounds more like 'mere' and Google translate pronounces it the same so this isn't a Duo TTS issue....

Is this just something that has to be learned? Is it common for Danish words to be pronounced differently according to the preceding word?


Why isn't "he is currently thinking about it" correct?


Over is over in both languages, about is om in Danish.

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