"Cinco veces el gasto."

Translation:Five times the expense.

December 29, 2012



In english, one is much more likely to say "5 times as expensive"

January 6, 2013


Yes, a native English speaker would probably say this.

January 14, 2013


thanks for the better translation, I was really confused about it though I understood every single word in the translation...

April 26, 2013


A 'clunky' sentence in English.

April 21, 2013


It's not a sentence. It's a fraction.

The fraction used in an actual sentence: "If the gaming industry multiplies by five times the expense they put into game development, wouldn't that be something?" Source: http://www.gamespot.com/news/battlefield-3-could-have-50-million-marketing-budget-analyst-6323532

Spanish Example: Los políticos españoles aseguran que no hay alternativa a los recortes educativos. Pero los 22.000 millones que cuestan las diputaciones, de las que nadie ha sabido explicar su utilidad más allá de la colocación de políticos afines, suponen cinco veces el gasto educativo de la Comunidad de Madrid. Source: http://nauscopio.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/la-deseducacion-en-espana-el-no-esfuerzo-la-no-excelencia-el-no-merito-y-la-no-moralidad/

April 26, 2013


I agree this is not a sentence; that's why I was lost on how to translate.

September 6, 2013


I wrote '5 times as expensive' and thought it was strange it wasn't accepted; your explanation makes sense though.

November 10, 2013


I hope it helped you.

November 11, 2013


if the tooltip shows "spend", and "spend" is used in the translation, it shall be correct and not reported incorrect.

December 29, 2012


the verb is to spend, but her a noun is used: the expense

January 2, 2013


it allowed five times the cost, which we do say normally.

July 5, 2013
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