"Mi trinkis tro da vino, do mi estas dormema."

Translation:I drank too much wine, so I am sleepy.

July 8, 2015



Why not drinki?

August 9, 2015


That's because "drinki" was originally an intransitive verb, and it's often still used that way. So in conservative usage, "li drinkas vinon" is impossible. You either say "li trinkas vinon", or just say "li drinkas".

Nowadays "li drinkas vinon" is possible if you want to say he is drinking excessively and/or that he is drinking for pleasure, but the regular neutral verb for the act of drinking wine is "trinki", not "drinki".

By the way, according to the PIV dictionary you can also use drinki jokingly for non-alcoholic drinks, such as in the example sentence "tiu abstinulo obstine drinkas mineralan akvon" (that abstainer stubbornly drinks mineral water [excessively and for pleasure, as if it were alcohol])

November 18, 2015


ReVo says that "drinki" is transitive, so I think it works for this sentence.

September 28, 2017


“drinki” is to drink alcohol excessively, while “trinki” can mean to drink anything, even to drink alcohol moderately.

October 26, 2015


The sentence is "I drank too much wine", so to excess.

October 28, 2015


"drinki... tro..." would mean "I drank too much wine to excess.

September 20, 2018


Maybe the wine drinkers in the esperanto community are so snobbish that for them drinking wine is as enlightening as drinking water, as opposed to drinking beer, gin or vodka :-D

September 24, 2015


I want to say this with a slur in my voice.

I also want to add "sorta" or "iomete"

July 8, 2015


La historio de mia vivo...

September 9, 2015
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