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  5. "Har du noget billigere?"

"Har du noget billigere?"

Translation:Do you have something cheaper?

July 8, 2015



Why doesn't "have you anything cheaper" pass? I chose that not because it was verbatim but because it makes perfect sense to me. Any LEGIT info would be appreciated. Tak


It's not standard English, although it's used in some dialects. You can only use inversion to form questions with auxiliary verbs and "to be". Some verbs, like "to have" and "to do" can be either main verbs or auxiliary verbs, which often confuses learners. If you use have as an auxiliary verb, such as "Have you got a minute to spare?" or "Have you seen The Matrix?" then you can use inversion with it. However, if it is the main verb, such as "You have something cheaper." then you need to add an auxiliary verb "to do" in order to form a question: "Do you have something cheaper." You can read more about this process on Wikipedia.

Hope this is LEGIT enough for you. ;)


The wikipedia article you link to says "The verb have, in the sense of possession, is sometimes used without do-support as if it were an auxiliary, but the version with do-support is also correct:

<pre> Have you any idea what is going on here? Do you have any idea what is going on here?" </pre>

So "have you anything cheaper" should definitely be acceptable. English is my mother tongue and I would say it.


Have you something cheaper sounds fine to me


It's perfectly proper english to say "Have you something cheaper?"


Duo is being pedantic


I am Australian. Have you something cheaper? Is said all the time


Have you something cheaper is good everyday English... from a first language speaker


The word "do" is not necessary for correct English in this instance. Please add "Have you something cheaper as a correct response.


Have you something cheaper translates exactly & is what we in England is what we would say.

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