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What Duolingo levels correlate with high school French 2?

I am a homeschool mom whose daughter needs to take French 2 for high school. She would love to use Duolingo, but I don't know how to give her credit for the class with integrity. Is there any way to know at what point she would have completed the equivalent of a traditional French 2 course? If I can't figure this out, we will have to use Rosetta Stone instead.

July 9, 2015



Looking at the tree, I'd say the entire tree is far more than a typical two-year foreign language study. Completing to the third checkpoint would be a conservative move, but in my opinion the second checkpoint would probably be more accurate. (Of course, it greatly depends on the school and the effort put in... It was entirely possible in my school to complete two years and know little more than how to sing the alphabet song...) Some of the modules are out of order on Duolingo compared with a typical foreign language course, though. In school, she would likely encounter Numbers, Family, and Household (in the third checkpoint region) fairly quickly... I did four years of foreign language in a tiny school, and I'd estimate I got approximately to the third checkpoint here.

(Note all of the above is my estimation using memories more than a decade old. More accurate information may be available through your state's educational programs...)


I guess you could use the Duolingo for schools feature, I think it gives some options and information that might help. Otherwise, Google is your friend here.

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