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  5. "Ist sie deine Freundin?"

"Ist sie deine Freundin?"

Translation:Is she your girlfriend?

October 12, 2013



Duo, you're embarrassing me...


I have heard, I believe through The Local, that calling someone "mein Freund/meine Freundin" means boyfriend/girlfriend, and if you want to say someone is just a friend, you could say "Sie ist eine Freundin." Is that correct?


Yes, that is correct when you want to define the relationship between you and her.


yes, because mine is possesive and most people usually are when it somes to relationships... as to where "just a friend" is exactly that. The sex differential is just how the German language is.. Most things must be either Male, female or neutral (hence Der, Die and Das.)

It would be like telling someone in english "She is my GF" or correcting a person saying "Oh no, she is just a friend."


No, mom, she's just a friend of mine


Lol my mom would have been like "No, this is your girlfriend" xD


So how do you know if it is referring to a friend that is a girl or a girlfriend? For example, say I have a friend, Elizabeth, and I say "Sie ist meine Freunden" will that be understood as she is my friend or girlfriend?


A german teacher told me that is you want to express a friendship you should use: Sie ist eine Freundin von mir (She is my friend (girl)) and for a relationship deeper you should use: Sie ist meine Freundin (She is my girlfriend). This is only for clarifying in some cases, when it is necessary to be pretty sure about it.


I completely agree with Eduardo. I have asked some of my Bavarian friends and this is a common way to clarify.


"Meine Freundin" can mean both.


In English calling someone boyfriend/girlfriend is often confusing and has to be explained further (usually in a very awkward/comical conversation).


In English? Not that I've ever seen?

Unless you mean when one of them introduces the other as boyfriend/girlfriend and it hadn't been made clear where they stand ...


I know that in my state, you refer to someone as a friend. If you specify girlfriend/boyfriend it implies that a romantic relationship is involved. Perhaps it is different where you live.


It's definitely regional. I lived in Michigan for ten years where "girlfriend" only meant romantic, and now I live in Pennsylvania, where "girlfriend" can mean either romantic or platonic. Doesn't apply for boyfriend, for whatever reason; boyfriend always means romantic.


Sounds exactly the same. But now I don't understand what you meant by this:

"In English calling someone boyfriend/girlfriend is often confusing and has to be explained further (usually in a very awkward/comical conversation)."


Sometimes women refer to their female non-romantic friends as "girlfriends", but I haven't seen "boyfriends" used in this way (although maybe it is in some communities).

In German, I've also heard the same usage of meine Freundin for a woman to refer to her non-romantic friend where the context is clear.

There is, apparently, a bit of awkwardness for same-sex couples as there's sometimes no easy way for them to clarify that they are dating rather than 'just friends', as is the common assumption when you refer to mein(e) Freund(in) of the same gender as yourself.


Sometimes you'll hear 'feste Freundin' if they want to know if you guys are exclusive.


In my language (Croatian) there are completely different words for a friend, a female friend or a girlfriend, so you can't mix it us, like you can in English or German ;-)


Actually, in English, people use girlfriend for the girl you are dating (or sometimes what girls call their other girl friends), friend girl for a girl you are friends with (at least where I am from), and friend for... well friend (lol what is that)


Ok, maybe is basic english but, why is not "Does she is your girlfriend" is not correct in this case?


With "to be", you don't use "do" in questions in English. Instead, you change the word order.

She is your friend. - Is she your friend?

You are going home. - Are you going home?

They were teachers. - Were they teachers?


so how do we know that your are referring to girlfriend or friend. So either answer should be accepted .


When do I use Freunde vs. Freundin?


Freunde is plural of Freund, referring to male friends. Freundin is a female friend or girlfriend.


bRuh I ThOUgHT sHe StrAigHt uP saId "IsSt sIe deInE fReUnDin?" lIkE yEa, I LiKe eAtInG pEoPle.

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A twist on this... if someone finishes an email with "Deine Freundin", are they referring to themselves as your friend, or girlfriend? (or is it again, ambiguous?)?

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