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The true meaning of hint words.

If the translation hint is "x" and "y" for a particular word and both fit in a translation of the sentence, why is using one correct and the other wrong? For example, the hint for Цей is both "this" and "the". However, using "the" is incorrect. Is there a key to understanding the sequence and use of hints? Or is this a beta issue?

July 9, 2015

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When you translate from Ukrainian to English ans see words "цей", "ця", "це" you have to use "this" or "it". But from English to Ukrainian both words "the" and "this" match "це", "ця", "цей". Because Ukrainian have no articles. At the same time article "the" ofen does not translate in Ukrainian. So you say "I am the best" - "Я найкращий". This is a cat. The cat is black" - "Це кіт. Кіт чорний".

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