"La televidilo kaptas dissendojn."

Translation:The television captures broadcasts.

July 9, 2015

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I understand the idea that a television set captures signals of broadcasts, so that you can see the programs, but I am not intuitively convinced that the Esperanto word kapti can be used to express that idea. My reading of the definitions is that not even the entry 3 ,sukcesi havigi al si ion nematerian, suits here and the other ones seem have more to do with catching someone or something in a rather concrete manner.

So I would say that La televidilo ricevas dissendojn or something like that.


My first impression is that "ricevi" is no more logical than "kapti" here -- but "ricevi" does seem to have the advantage of actual use.


Captures broadcasts?!


"The television receives broadcasts" is also accepted as correct.

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