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"Ela guarda a carteira na bolsa."

Translation:She keeps the wallet in the bag.

October 12, 2013



Or if you are speaking British English rather than American - a woman keeps her purse in her handbag and a man keeps his wallet in his back pocket.


Women use purses and men wallets, right?


Generally yes, although it's common for a woman to have a wallet in her purse. I suppose most commonly men would carry their wallets in their back pockets, and women in their purses.


Thank you, I thought purses are only for woman and wallets only for men


Not "her wallet"? Was anticipating another implied "a sua".


I would agree that "She keeps her wallet in her bag" is a more natural and better translation.


I agree and furthermore, according to some web searches I did, it seems much more common to say ‘a carteira’ than ‘sua carteira’ in this situation. And that in turn means that ‘the purse/wallet’ and ‘the handbag/purse’ should not be accepted here, because it instils wrong ideas about how Portuguese works into aspiring language learners like yours truly.


so, "na" = in the (fem) and "no" = in the (mas)?


Yes. ‘na’ = ∗‘em a’ and ‘no’ = ∗‘em o’. (∗ denotes forms you shouldn't use.)


A wonderful conversation on different uses in English...I thought I was studying Portuguese!


Can "guardar" also refer to the specific action of putting the wallet in the bag? I seem to recall that happens in Spanish. I translated it as "she stores the wallet" and was marked wrong.


Duo wants you to learn the usual and recommended uses, rather than accept every technically or plausibly correct answer. Being "wrong" is great! It helps you learn faster than if all acceptably correct answers were accepted.


Same question. Is "guardar" the same as 'store'???? I wrote 'she stores the wallet in her bag' and it was wrong.

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